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Application for Second Mate (FG) Competency Course [D. G. Approved]
Please find below the list of documents required to get on the first day of the classroom course.

  • Basic STCW course certificates (FPFF, PST, EFA, PSSR & STSDSD) – not the refresher one.
  • Passport, CDC showing min 18 months seatime
  • Pre-sea DNS certificate
  • 6 months Bridge watch keeping certificate copies
  • 3 Passport size colored photo
  • Sea time letter issued by the shipping company
    1. INDOS
    2. PASSPORT full pgs.
    3. CDC full pgs.
    4. PRE SEA course completion Certificate
    5. Bridge Watchkeeping, Port Watchkeeping Certificates, Steering Record and other such certificates.
    6. PSSR Certificate
    7. PST Certificate
    8. FPFF Certificate
    9. EFA Certificate
    10. 2 Passport Size Photos
    11. Cadet record book
    12. Project work book or file
    13. Activity work book
    14. Marine PALS tablets if issued, carry along with you.
    15. Compass box/ Parallel Ruler / Ruler (18-24)" / Divider 6"/ compasses 6"/ 2B pencils/ soft erasers.
    16. Text books which will be required by you for the II-Mates course (Suggested list will be sent to you in the Welcome letter).
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    Sign-off Date once full seatime completed
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    Courses Done * ECDIS GMDSS SSO
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