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Ship Manoeuvring Simulator & Bridge Team Work [D. G. Approved]

D. G. Approved Course, TMSA Training Requirement 5a

Entry Criteria:     Minimum Chief Mate Certificate of Competency (First Mate F.G.), and having performed at-least eighteen months of independent navigational watchkeeping as OIC NW

Course Schedule:  

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Course Duration:     5 Days

Course Description

A mandatory course for all Chief officers, appearing for Masters certificate of a competency examination. The course is conducted on a full mission 180o vision TRANSAS NT-PRO 4000 Navigation Simulator, The candidates perform various exercises on the simulator and are trained for ship handling and managing the bridge team effectively. In the final exercises, they are assessed for their technical ship manoeuvring skills and for leadership in team management.

Course Objective
  • Familiarization with the use of engines and helm for the ship manoeuvring
  • An understanding of the effects on the behaviour of the ship of Wind, Current, Shallow water effect, banks and narrow channels. Condition of loading
  • A greater awareness of the importance of planning a passage or manoeuvre and the need for an alternative plan; and a greater understanding and awareness of efficient bridge procedures during watchkeeping and ship handling.
Contents of the course
  • Basic Principles of ship handling.
  • Standard manoeuvres.
  • Wind and Current effects.
  • Shallow-water effects.
  • Bank, Channel and Interaction effects.
  • Anchoring and single-buoy mooring.
  • Planning and carrying out a voyage.
Course Fees: INR 25,000/-


Please find below the list of documents required to get on the first day of the course.

  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Copies of Passport, INDOS number
  • Copy of COC of Chief Mate (FG)
  • Copy of CDC (Min 36 months seatime as Certificated Officer)