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Advanced Training For Oil Tanker Cargo Operations (TASCO) [UK MCA]

Entry Criteria:     Officers must hold :
UK MCA COC (Any Grade)
3 months Seatime on any tanker done prior to 09 June 2015 OR Basic Oil Tanker familiarization course UK MCA approved
Advance Fire Fighting (any Administration Approved)

Course Duration:     5 Days

Course Description

This course provides training for masters, chief engineers, chief officers, 2nd engineers and any person with immediate responsibility for the loading, discharging and care in transit or handling of oil cargoes. Those with "immediate responsibility" will normally include all deck officers and may include other seafarers who could be placed in charge of a cargo operation (e.g. deck/cargo engineer, pumpman, and bosun).
The course takes full account of Section A-V/1, Table A-V/1-1-2 of the STCW Code adopted by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978, as amended in 2010.

The Advanced Oil Tanker Training Programme (TASCO) is a mandatory course for obtaining level - 2 Oil Tanker Endorsement (DCE), which is a requirement under STCW chapter V/1-1 for all officers wanting to serve on board oil tankers in the management level.

There are four outcomes to the training
Outcome 1: The learner understands the physical and chemical properties of oil and the hazards and control measures associated with carrying oil on board tankers
Outcome 2: The learner knows what is involved in the safe operation and monitoring of cargo on board an oil tanker
Outcome 3: The learner is able to apply health, safety and environmental precautions in working on oil tankers
Outcome 4: The learner is able to perform and monitor safe oil tanker cargo operations in compliance with legislative requirements

Contents of the course

  • Physical and Chemical Properties of Petroleum Products
  • Hazards of Oil Cargoes
  • Occupational Health and Safety Precautions
  • Cargo Containment Systems and Various Equipments
  • Cargo Handling Systems
  • Cargo Operations and Monitoring
  • Cargo Calculation
  • MARPOL and Pollution Prevention
  • Emergency Responses and Procedures

Please find below the list of documents required to get on the first day of the classroom course.

  1. 2 passport size photographs
  2. Copies of Passport, CDC, COC, INDOS No.
  3. Copy of AFF certificate (any Administration Approved) (if any)
  4. Copies of 3 months company seatime letter of service on a tanker done prior to 09 June 2015 OR UK MCA Basic Tanker Safety Course certificate