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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Anglo-Eastern Training Centre will be a world class training centre well respected in the maritime field, constantly innovating using the latest technology in training and maintain a dominant presence in the maritime industry.

Our Mission

  • To be a pioneer in the field of maritime training
  • To provide top quality training programmes to maritime industry personal.
  • Developing simulation and modern teaching methods through innovation.
  • Acquire modern state-of-the-art training equipment - Constantly updating the learning content to be always uptodate with the regulations
  • Be a reliable, ethical and socially responsible maritime education and training provider.
  • To provide a platform for research and constant improvements for the maritime industry

Peter Cremers
Executive Chairman

"Upgrading skills is key to the AESM approach"

We now have full control of the quality of our crews, from graduating High School to getting their Master's and Chief Engineer's ticket.


Bjorn Hojgaard
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

At Anglo-Eastern Univan Group, we pay great emphasis on training our crew, because if you don't keep training people, one will not have a future.Learning continuously and applying the knowledge to improve our performance is a necessity in our business.

Carsten Ostenfeldt
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Capt. Aalok Sharma
Group Director, Training

Capt. K. N. Deboo
Director & Principal, AEMTC

At Anglo-Eastern we strongly believe that training of the ship staff is the most critical factor in achieving a safe, economical and profitable operation of a vessel.

Francis Akkara
Assistant Director & Vice principal, AEMTC

Technology advancement in shipping industry has brought safer, efficient and economical operation of ships. Its our constant endeavour to educate and make every seafarer going through our training centre more competent in operating and maintaining latest shipboard equipments most efficiently.