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Profile - AEMTC (Odessa, Ukraine)

Anglo-Eastern Training in Odessa was started in 2008 with two courses - Port State Control and Crew Safety. Now our Training Centre conducts a wide range of maritime courses, many of which are developed in close cooperation with shipboard officers, ship superintendents, ship operators and maritime community in accordance with latest industry standards.

The number of seafarers from Ukraine joining the Anglo-Eastern Group has been consistently increasing over the past years and is currently about 1800 seafarers. To meet this demand and to ensure that the top quality officers are recruited and trained for Anglo-Eastern Group vessels in 2009 the Company set up its own Manning and Training center at a convenient location in downtown area of Odessa city.

In 2013 Anglo-Eastern Ukraine Training Centre was enlarged with two full-mission bridge simulators, ECDIS class, fully computerized navigation laboratory, modern engine laboratory. 

In the end of 2013 Anglo-Eastern Ukraine Training Centre was officially licensed by Ukrainian Maritime Administration. 

In 2015 we installed Engine Room Simulator fitted with the latest available software.

Presently we conduct STCW courses - ECDIS, Bridge Resource Management and Engine Room Resource Management. 

At the moment for our crew we provide the following courses:

For Deck Officers: For Engine Officers:
•  Bridge Team Management (Levels 1-3);
•  Bridge Watch Keeping & Collision Avoidance;
•  Bulk Carrier Safety & Inspections;
•  ECDIS Generic IMO 1.27;
•  ECDIS Type Specific: Totem Plus, Furuno, JRC, Tokyo Keiki;
•  Commercial Knowledge;
•  Ice Navigation;
•  Special Course for Third Officers;
•  Passage Planning;
•  Weather Routeing

•  Engine Room resource Management;
•  Hydraulic for Engineers (Basic);
•  Hydraulic for Engineers (Advanced);
•  Practical Marine Refrigeration course;
•  Practical Marine Electrical course (Basic);
•  Practical Marine Electrical course (Advanced);
•  Machinery Breakdown Safety Campaign - Level 1;
•  Programmable Logic Controllers;
•  Instrumentation & Control System

For Deck & Engine Officers: For Rating and Cadets:
•  MARPOL & Environmental Managemen System;
•  Port State Control;
•  Maritime Safety Management;
•  Ocean Manager - Knowledge Management System;
•  Maritime Resource Management;
•  Leadership;
•  Maritime Labour Convention;
•  Safety Management System
•  Crew Safety;
•  Safety Management System;
•  Crew English;
•  MEETS for cadets

Special courses on Owner's request:

•  Man Riding;
•  Safe Mooring Operations;
•  Offshore Vetting Inspections;
•  Stowage & Securing of Cargoes

 All the courses bring in a large element of practical knowledge and ship board case studies to enhance the application of the knowledge in a real ship type environment.

Our trainings are conducted in progressive and modern format of workshop discussions, exercises, brainstorming and case study analysis.