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Training Facilities

  1. Full Mission Navigation Simulator
  2. Full Mission Engine Simulator
  3. Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator - LPG, LNG, Chemical, Oil
  4. Instrumentation, Process Control (PID), Programmable Logic Controllers & Human Machine Interface
  5. Main And Emergency Switchboard, High Voltage Panel
  6. Hydraulic Lab
  7. Reefer Container Maintenance
  8. Man B&W Engines
  9. Engine Machinery Space
  10. Auditorium
  11. GMDSS Classroom
  12. Library
  13. Multimedia Training Classroom
  14. Computer based Training Room
  15. RT Flex Engine
  1. Full Mission Navigation Simulator

    1. Full Mission - TRANSAS NT PRO 5000
    2. SHIP 1 - 360 DEG Full Mission Wheelhouse
    3. SHIP 2 - 135 DEG Full Mission Wheelhouse
    4. SHIP 3 - 180 DEG Full Mission Wheelhouse


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  1. Full Mission Engine Simulator

    1. MAN B&W MC 60 Engine
    2. Engine Room Panel
    3. Engine Control Room


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  1. Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator - LPG, LNG, Chemical, Oil

    Full Mission Modelled on:

    1. 105000 DWT Class Crude Oil carrier
    2. 78,000 CBM Refrigerated LPG carrier
    3. 10000 grt 20 tank Parcel chemical tanker
    4. 144,000 CBM LNG Tanker Moss Rosenberg design
    5. Deck Panel
    6. Cargo Control Room
    7. Student Workstations


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  1. Instrumentation, Process Control (PID), Programmable Logic Controllers & Human Machine Interface

    1. Pneumatic Nakakita PID Controllers
    2. Digital & Analogue Instruments, SMART Instruments
    3. Various Transmitters & Transducers
    4. Signal Conditioner
    5. DP Transmitters
    6. RTD / Thermocouple
    7. EPCON & Other Digital PID Controllers
    8. Water Level Process Control Trainer
    9. Pneumatic Valve Positioner
    10. Digital SIEMEN's SIPART Positioner
    11. SIEMEN's PLC, HMI
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  1. Main And Emergency Switchboard, High Voltage Panel

    1. High Voltage (11,000volts) Safety Course


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  1. Hydraulic and Pneumatics Lab

    1. Electro Hydraulic Trainer
    2. Pneumatic Valves
    3. Hydraulic Valves
    4. Motors & Pumps
    5. Advanced Instrumentation Trainer


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  1. Reefer Container Maintenance

    1. Carrier Thinline Transicold 69NT40 Reefer container.


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  1. MAN PrimeServ Training

    1. B&W Engine Starting Control System
    2. Electronic Engine Simulator


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  1. Engine Machinery Space

    1. TPL 77 Main engine Turbocharger 
    2. MAN B&W 50MC engine fuel pump  
    3. HV 220 Sperry Air compressor 
    4. Oily Water Separator with white box 
    5. MAN LH 28/32H Diesel Engine 
    6. Hatlapa W 220 air compressor 
    7. Alfa Laval S Separator 
    8. Chemical Tank with Framo pumping system and tank cleaning machine 
    9. Mitsubishi SJ 2000 Purifier 
    10. RT Flex ICU, VCU & Fuel overpressure regulating valve 
    11. Marflex cargo pumping system 
    12. RT Flex fuel pump 
    13. DECKMA 2000 - Oil Content Monitor 
    14. Plate Type Cooler 
    15. Tanabe Main Air Compressor 
    16. Viscotherm 
    17. Reciprocating Bilge Pump 
    18. Main Engine Fuel Valve Testing Rig
    19. Sulzer RTA 96 exhaust valve 
    20. Sulzer M/E Fuel Pump - Timing Adjustments 
    21. MC engine Crosshead bearing assembly 
    22. K-105-2B LPG Sulzer compressor 
    23. Deck seal assembly 
    24. ABB TPS 52 turbocharger 
    25. Westfalia oily water separator assembly 
    26. 80MC engine Exhaust Valve


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  1. Auditorium

    1. A 50 seater auditorium which can be partitioned into two 25 seater classroom depending on the nature of the courses being conducted.
    2. LAN Connection at every table


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  1. GMDSS Classroom

    1. 6 simulator stations depicting two of the most popular models of GMDSS communication equipment available in the world.
    2. Skanti Hardware DSC, MF/HF, NBDP


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  1. Library

    Library is well stocked with:

    1. Over 2000 books with latest editions covering nautical science, engineering and management subjects.
    2. Marine periodicals and magazines
    3. Computer based multimedia software
    4. Over 300 video films


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  1. Multimedia Training Classroom

    1. 15 networked computer stations for conducting courses utilizing multimedia training programs and marine related software-s.


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  1. Computer Based Training Room

    Today there are a great many number of computer based training (CBT) programs available in the market. Though they claim to provide a complete training course, we believe that they form a significant component of course, but not the entire course in itself. Much of the -knowledge- part can be provided through the CBT-s, but the undertaking and application of that knowledge can be brought about through practical and interactive sessions conducted in a training centre.

  2. Extensive use of top quality software is used during training courses. A computer room with 15 computer terminals is ideal for conducting course with CBT conduct in them. In addition 20 laptops are used in various courses for interactive multimedia programs, training softwares and even on-line assessment on a learning management system.

    CBT used are from:
    1. Videotel
    2. Seagull
    3. DNV
    4. IMO E-Library
    5. Witherby Seamanship
    6. The Swedish Club
    7. Various P&I Club
    8. Core Competency
    9. Marine Press
    10. Karco
    11. AEMTC developed CBT



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